About The Course 'Learn How To Speak'

Master the Art of Communication: This course delves into effective communication techniques, encompassing body language, storytelling, and voice modulation. Learn to engage your audience through captivating narratives, while also honing voice control for impactful delivery. Whether for public speaking or everyday conversations, this course empowers you to convey ideas with confidence.

Voice Transformation Techniques: Elevate your communication with this course, focusing on voice training, pitch modulation, and pacing. Enhance your ability to emphasize key points and leave a lasting impact during presentations and storytelling. Practical exercises guide you in expressing emotions and influencing others effectively.

Who is Sohail Hashmi

Sohail Hashmi, a versatile individual hailing from London, UK. From hosting radio shows in Pakistan to venturing into acting, directing, and television production, his journey has been eventful. He's been involved in various roles such as corporate voice-overs, talk show hosting, and even held positions at British Telecom, PTV, and an advertising agency. Notably, he represented Pakistan at the Berlin Film Festival for his TV direction and documentaries. Sohail Hashmi's artistic endeavors also include abstract painting. As he continues his multifaceted pursuits, he remains open to new opportunities, even those involving extraterrestrial radio shows.

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