What is Rehan Training?

Rehan Training is an organization with the goal to polish and empower the people of Pakistan, to bring more skills in them, and to bring their true self out of them.

What is the mission statement of Rehan Training?

To empower every Pakistani to earn $500 a month minimum.

To Double the income of everyone with better skills and Training.

Why another training organization?

We have a very clearly defined goal, and we are focused on it, Pakistan has 220 million people, and we need thousands of more organizations to train people, to bring Pakistan to be part of g10 nations.

How is your training different from other platforms?

Our interest is in practical training, and breaking knowledge into 30 mins of informational content, that can be consumed by anyone. We produce dozens of courses a month, based on the demand of the people, and allow our students to have them for free.

What is the background and experience of your trainers?

We choose trainers based on their own experiences, and we want the best of the best experiences to come forward to you, some of our courses are taught by multiple different trainers, as each trainer has their own style of training, and some students like one over the other one.

How much does it cost?

It costs 10 USD per month to get access to all training from Rehan Training, to be paid on yearly bases in advance.

What is the right course for me?

You can start from anywhere, but we highly recommend Rehan Allahwala Course # 1 to be your first course to start your personality development journey.

Who can join these training sessions?

Anyone having a smartphone or a laptop and a desire to excel in life can enrol in the courses. 

How much can I earn after doing this training?

The aim of our organization is to enable your potential and show you a path that shall enable you to earn at least 500 USD per month.

Will I get a job if I complete your training?

Yes, you will find it easier to get to closer to your goal, whether it be a job or business, the training will polish your communication skills, enhance your confidence and reduce your fear.

Can I get one-on-one training with the instructor?

We aim to provide mass training, therefore, one-on-one training will not be provided.

Can you customize your training to my specific needs?

If you do not find a training that matches your needs, you can suggest the training topics and we will share it with our team to produce.

Will I get a certificate after the training?

Yes, you will be issued a training certificate from teachable.com